HD Streaming Videos
  • Do you want to reach your audience online? Internet video is the fastest growing medium right now. Recently, over 400 senior-level decision makers were surveyed about their 2012 online marketing plans and more than two-thirds said that online video is their top priority for their digital marketing budgets.

    Major Benefits:

    •  Engage visitors to your website using branded video content
    •  Dramatically increase conversions on your ecommerce website
    •  Persuasively demonstrate the benefits of your product or service

    Internet Video Encoding Services

    Does your client prefer a full-service approach as opposed to a self-service model? Our expert staff encode and optimize each video to meet rigorous quality standards.

    •  High Quality – H.264 format, Full-Screen HD video streaming
    •  High Speed – Instant On ( 2 seconds or less), Zero Buffer

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