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  • Video Editing Services:

    From simple transitions to the most exciting effects, our powerful non linear editing systems provide ultra-fast editing services at the hands of our experienced personnel. A broad array of text and graphics including 2-D and 3-D animations are also used to enhance our projects. If you are looking for a Raleigh video production company for your online video production or for your business web video production in Raleigh|Durham North Carolina contact Vandem Productions Films, we are one of the best commercial video production companies that provide video production services in North Carolina and beyond.

    Non-Linear editing:

    • Full digital quality with real time 2-D and 3-D special effects

    • Multiple layering for both video and audio

    • Robust Graphic Capability

    • 3D animation

    • Serial deck control for efficient capture

    • Output to multiple formats

    • SDI digital archival for flawless re-edit

    Our Editing Suites:

    PC: Sony Vegas Pro 10

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    Mac: Final Cut Pro

    Motion Graphic: After Effects CS4

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