Lil’ Y.I.T.
  • A rising star from Durham, North Carolina “Ameer Spain” known to the entertainment world as “Lil’ Y.I.T.” (Young Intelligent Thug) has been  marked as one of NC’s hottest upcoming artist’s by blazin the streets and radio with his undeniable swag and lyric’s.  He began his journey in the late 1990′s  when one of his childhood (also a rapper)  friend’s discovered  that he had talent  and skills one day when they were  sitting around kicking free-styles with other rap artist’s in the area.  So with that said “lil’ Y.I.T.” became interested and involved in the rap game.  He then began to start writing his own lyric’s and songs along side his long time childhood friend.  Which as time went by was murdered in a shooting.

    So with the death of his childhood friend he became more determined and focused on rapping, and only rapping about what he have seen and been through in life.  So after being in and out the studio with other artist and and labels, he realized that they focus wasn’t on him.  They had there own agenda in mind.

    So after a while he ran into his older cousin and found out that he had his own record label  “Rated R. Records”  and studio, so with no more to be said they began to work together.  They then started putting together Lil’ Y.I.T. explosive lyrics on some industry instrumentals, which they released their first project together “The Focus”  which was a mix tape.  The mix tape got so much love from the streets,  it started a buzz on who was the hottest in NC?? So to keep the movement forward Y.I.T. started doing show’s throughout the Carolina’s, Atlanta and Virginia.

    And by appearing on other artist projects and mix tapes, helped in building his name up even more.  So then he began to start work on on his own album “The Difference” with all original tracks and lyrics.  With the release of “The Difference”,  the city and state was amazed on how this album set him apart from the rest.  He began to get push from the local dj’s and promoters all out the Carolina’s.

    His style is in a category of it’s own, with his clever punch lines and delivery.  He gives you that real life point of view of coming from nothing to something.  Along with knowledge and street sense on trying to better himself and other around him.  And not sticking only to one style and sound “Lil’ Y.I.T.” gives you a wide variety of songs and hits that everyone can relate to, from raw hip-hop to the club, and  back to the streets… And i think you will agree once you hear the pure talent and focus that this North Carolina artist will bring to the new wave of entertainment..