• Shavon better known as (FIRM) born February 19,1984 in Raleigh North Carolina, grew up in Halifax Court projects the hood area of Raleigh where she lived in poverty from birth. With it just being her, her sister, and their mother they struggled through day by day wondering where they were going to get their next dollar. Although having her father around here and there, at the age of 5 Shavon began to witness the dark side of life what no child her age should have to go through. Her mother became an alcoholic and drug addict which started the nightmare for Shavon and her sister. At age 7 she began rapping and found out that this may be her talent, it also eased her mind of what was going on in her home.

    Shavon and her sister witnessed their mother being abused by her boyfriends and abusing the use of drugs and alcohol. By the age of 9 Shavon and her sister where separated and taken by the Department of Social Services which kept them apart for three years. At this point her mother said “enough is enough” and with GOD’s help she completely turned her life around. During this time Shavon had become angry and bitter towards life and was introduced to the drug game where she began to sell crack cocaine. By age 13 she was arrested on a conspiracy charge and spent the next nine months in a juvenile facility.

    Once discharged she continued to stay in and out of trouble but soon realized at 16 that she could make a clean break and start fresh in life. At this point in her life is when she became dedicated to her music and started focusing on what directions she needed to take to get where she wanted to go. By the time she was 17 she appeared on a local Raleigh television station (Channel 10) which then aired a show called The Larry Pickett Show. She won numerous rap battles against some of the local artist and was awarded a music video. Although the deal did not turn out like what was promised FIRM kept striving to make her one and only dream come true and that is to be the realist and hottest female rapper from the south.

    For the next four years she was in and out of different recording studios, ran into a lot of people who made her promises, and sold her fake dreams. It was nothing for someone to tell her that they were going to take her to the top and get her the big “Record Deal” but of course they were all lies. By the time she turned 21 she was fed up with people saying one thing and doing another so she invested all that she had on equipment that she needed to set up her own home studio.

    She began learning the equipment and recording herself and put out her very first album called Taking Care of Business. This was the first step in getting a buzz in the streets on who FIRM was. She has performed at several different open mics, such as Black Tie, Two Ts , Raleigh Music Hall, Aries Lounge, and has had many showcases at The Brewery night club in Raleigh. She continues to master her recording skills and give the rap game her everything and let nothing come before her dream but GOD himself. FIRM is ready now more than ever for mainstream, ready to take charge, and ready to take over the entire bottom of the map “THE SOUTH.”