Weight-Loss: Ways to Get Back On Track After the Holidays
  • Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is finally coming to an end and as it is winding down, you notice the number on the scale has not.
    Instead, your weight has gone up by a pound or two and your jeans fit a bit more snug.
    Let’s face it, we all overindulge during the holidays and that’s ok.
    Just as long as you get back on track right away and not put if off until after the New Year.
    It is less overwhelming to lose 2 pounds than it is 3 or more pounds.
    So the sooner you get back to your healthy routine in order to reverse the damage done, the better and easier it is to do.
    One of the first things to do to get back on track is to give up any guilt trip you may be having for overindulging in the first place.
    Hey, it happens and is almost inevitable during the holidays, so get over it.
    Rather than beating yourself up, get up and get back to healthy eating today!
    Throw away all indulgent leftovers and replace with healthier items such as plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein as in fish and whole grains.

    Follow the tips below to get back on track:

    1. Drink plenty of H2O: the best way to de-bloat is to up your water intake and flush out your system of all toxins. Aim for 8-10 cups a day.

    2. Stick to a schedule: eating enough calories regularly throughout the day keeps your metabolism revved up; burning calories, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels while keeping appetite controlled. Try eating within an hour of waking up then every 3-5 hours of healthy meals consisting of lean proteins, high fiber as in fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

    3. Get moving: ease back into your workout routine by incorporating some physical activity into your day. Throw in that fitness DVD or have a good house cleaning session or do a 15 to 20 minute routine consisting of squats, push-ups, lunges and planks. Even shoving snow or playing with the kids in the snow counts as physical activity.

    4. Detox: cut back your intake of alcohol for the next few days and drink lots of water to eliminate toxins from your system. Cut back on all white foods and simple carbs such as pasta, rice, and bagels, instead replace them with whole grains such as brown or wild rice, quinoa, whole wheat bagels and other fiber rich foods. This will keep your digestive system moving and releasing toxins from the body.

    Resume your healthy living and eating habits and do not look back and ponder over falling off the wagon; just remember that you are allowed to mess up so long as you jump right back onto your routine and keep it moving!

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