United States Marine Corps: Celebrating 237 Years of Service-Happy Birthday
  • Vandem Productions Films/Carolina Exposed, founder, Levon “Commander In Chief Vandem P” Hinton, is a Marine and today our company will celebrate the 237 years of service by the United States Marines. There is no other fighting machine like a US Marine. Today is our birthday and to my fellow Devil Dogs past, present, and future Semper Fi!!

    Marine Corps History:
    On November 10th, 1775 the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution to raise two battalions of Marines. This date is celebrated as the birthday of the Marine Corps—our nation’s liberators, restorers and protectors for 237 years.

    We were born out of revolution. Founded to fight for independence. As our foundation grew, so did the boundaries we fought to defend. But nothing grew like the Marines’ relentless combat reputation.

    By World War I, we were known to the world as “Devil Dogs.” Before the end of the next World War, we raised a flag that would forever make the word “Marine” synonymous with “Victory.” This idea would be validated when Marines decisively fought off bitter cold and determined enemies in a 17-day standoff, despite being outmanned 8-1. And again in the desert, in perhaps the most successful assault in the history of modern warfare.

    The warrior spirit is something that’s forged in every Marine. But our duty requires more. We’re liberators. Restorers. Protectors.

    Each November 10th marks a celebration of the brave men and women who defend this country as the United States Marine Corps.

    Happy 237th birthday, Marines.

    Want to know more about becoming a Marine click HERE

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