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    Raleigh, North Carolina- Hip Hop NC- The recent murder of Trayvon Martin has spawned wide debate across the nation in regards to the innocence or guilt of George Zimmerman. Regardless if you think George Zimmerman is innocent or guilty the shooting death of Trayvon Martin is tragic and this should be understood from all sides. Apparently this isn’t the case now that a new trend is popping up on Facebook and other social networking sites, mocking the 17-year-old’s murder.
    The “New Trend”, follows in the footsteps of other ridiculous pose trends like planking and owling, this has to be the most disturbing and disrespectful of them all, it’s called Trayvoning. A new photo meme called “Trayvoning” have been gaining steam on the Internet. The photos illustrate men, some wearing hoodies, with iced tea cans in one hand and Skittles in the other, laying down on their backs or stomachs as if they were dead.
    While many Americans empathized with Martin’s family, others apparently found humor in Trayvon’s death.
    The images have disturbed many bloggers and others have condemned the practice on Facebook and other social media outlets. What do you think of these images?

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