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    Talent manager and “Love & Hip Hop” star Rich Dollaz was arrested while promoting the reality TV series. In video released Wednesday, Rich Dollaz speaks briefly about his career before several police officers approach him, request identification and end up taking him into custody.

    Known best for managing Olivia, Rich Dollaz’s arrest stems from an alleged ongoing dispute over child support.

    In the video below, Rich Dollaz tells a journalist”cops make me nervous” just seconds before the first police officer stops the interview and demands identification. Later in the video, the alleged mother of his child appears, yelling at him about failing to support his child.
    “You really thought you were going to come here and not do what you’re supposed to do for my child,” she screams.

    According to Mouth To Ears, who released the video, this proves, once and for all, that Rich Dollaz was arrested for “failing to appear for a court ordered paternity test.”

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    Rich Dollaz gets arrested

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