Raleigh NC declares Oberlin Cemetery, “Historic Landmark”
  • Raleigh- Two years ago Vandem Productions Films|Carolina Exposed TV|Ablaze Jackson created a video detailing a piece of American history buried away in a small wooded area in the community of Oberlin Village, located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    A year after the release of the video, Carolina Exposed TV along with various businesses and non profits in Raleigh/Durham area organized a community cleanup event.

    “It wasn’t just about former slaves or African American history.” says Levon Hinton, organizer of the community cleanup event.
    “I served in the United States Marine Corps, my grandfather was in World War II and a lot of the men in my family served in the Armed forces.
    It was about our veterans being buried and their graves neglected that led me to organized the cleanup event.”

    Just 5 days ago the Raleigh City Council approved Oberlin Cemetery as a Historic Landmark. The cemetery is over 140 years old. Here’s some brief history of Historic Oberlin Village:

    Historic Oberlin Village History
    After the Civil War, in 1866 a former slave by the name of James E. Harris left Raleigh North Carolina and headed to Ohio were he attended Oberlin University (The University’s Leaders were abolitionists and allowed enrollment to African Americans). After graduating Mr. James E. Harris moved back to Raleigh, North Carolina and established Oberlin Village which he named after his alma mater Oberlin University.

    “This is a good day but not great. Our mission then and now is to restore Historic Oberlin Cemetery.
    None of our veterans should be remembered like this.”
    Hinton further states, “I commend the City of Raleigh for recognizing Oberlin Cemetery as a Historic Landmark. I intend, without hesitation, to complete the cleanup of historic Oberlin Cemetery. I ask that any organizations or volunteers that would like to assist in the clean up please contact us today. This year we plan on another clean up event to fully restore this graveyard.”

    If you would like information on the next clean up event please Contact Us today!

    We Support our Troops!!!

    More Videos on Oberlin Village by Vandem Productions Films|Carolina Exposed TV|Ablaze Jackson:

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