Hip Hop NC- Carolina Exposed TV restores Historic Oberlin Cemetery
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    Hip Hop NC-Raleigh, North Carolina- Vandem Productions Films In Association with Carolina Exposed TV and Fort Jackson Entertainment proudly present Historic Oberlin Community Cleanup Event Highlights. The event took place Saturday Feb. 25th 2012 at 1016 Oberlin Rd, Raleigh NC, behind the InterAct Building. Since the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman Murder Case there have been numerous rallies and protests, all of a sudden. But I ask, where are these organizations/businesses before Trayvon Martin was murdered? Well Vandem Productions Films|Carolina Exposed TV/DVD was in the community giving back and it didn’t take anybody getting murdered and national attention for us to do so. Many people thought that this event was about Black America but actually this event was more about our United States Military Veterans that have fought for this country and who are buried and forgotten in this neglected cemetery known as “Oberlin Community Cemetery”. This grave site is burial to many veterans that served in World War I, World War II and even the Spanish American War. We see a lot of North Carolina based hip hop radio stations participating in the Trayvon Martin rallies, but I ask where are these companies when there are community issues in the communities that support them. I didn’t see any of them at this event or any community event we cover. This event was very successful but not without controversy. In the next video we will discuss what it was like putting this event together, and the opposition we faced doing so. Regardless the community came together on this day and I want to thank everyone that came out to volunteer.
    Here is a list of the Event sponsors:
    Vandem Productions Films
    Fort Jackson Entertainment
    One Village-One World Consulting Inc.
    Barnes Bail Bonds
    VOICE Therapeutic Solutions
    Rhonda Nails
    Cotlu Films/YBETV
    Cornell West Academy
    Here is some brief history of the Oberlin Village Community:
    Historic Oberlin Village History
    “Historic Oberlin Village” and “Oberlin Cemetary”. In 1866 a former slave by the name of James E. Harris left Raleigh North Carolina and headed to Ohio were he attended Oberlin University (The University’s Leaders were abolitionists and allowed enrollment to African Americans). After graduating Mr. James E. Harris moved back to Raleigh, North Carolina and established Oberlin Village which he named after his alma mater Oberlin University.
    Carolina African American History Exposed Short Film on Oberlin Village

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    Here are the highlights from the 2012 Historic Oberlin Cemetery CleanUp Event:

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