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    Healthy is the New Wealthy
    Habits That Are Bad for your Health
    HipHopNC-Ok so you’ve jumped on the health band wagon and made some positive changes in your lifestyle to achieve better health and wellness. You are making better eating choices, you’ve added some physical activity to your daily routine, but you’re still seeing the number on the scale going up rather than down. So what is the problem? A few bad habits can wreck havoc on all of your weight loss efforts. We are all guilty of some or all of these bad habits at one time or another, but realizing them and changing them from bad to good can save your health. Here is a list of habits that can be ruining your journey to good health.

    Habit # 1: Not Getting Enough Sleep – we’ve discussed this one before. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, you have to give your body the right amount of sleep, typically 6-7 hours a night. It has been found that people who slept 5 hours or less gained twice as much belly fat as those who slept 6 to 7 hours. Simply put, the fewer hours you sleep, the more you tend to eat while burn less calories because you’re too tired. So get your zzz’s.

    Habit # 2: Not Drinking Enough Water – your body needs to be properly hydrated in order for it to function. One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue and unfortunately some people mistake thirst for hunger and they eat rather than hydrate. And as it turns out, if you are concerned about your weight, properly hydrating can help. Research has concluded that there is a correlation between drinking more water and weight loss. A study conducted by Virginia Tech found that those who drank two 8 oz glasses of water prior to their daily 3 meals lost about 5 pounds more than those who didn’t. How much water is enough? A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight in half and drink that much in ounces of water a day. For example, if you weigh 160 Ibs, then you would drink 80 ounces of water.

    Habit # 3: Drinking Soda – you may think that one or two cans of soda per day aren’t that bad, but researchers say otherwise. A study conducted in 2005 found that drinking one to two cans of soda a day increases your risk of obesity by nearly 33% – diet soda not excluded. And if that’s not enough to convince you, check out these outrageous stats:

    ½ can = 26 percent increased risk of being overweight or obese

    ½ to 1 can = 30.4 percent increased risk

    1 to 2 cans = 32.8 percent increased risk

    More than 2 cans = 47.2 percent increased risk

    Habit # 4: Skipping Breakfast – one of the biggest mistakes people make while trying to lose weight is skip meals, particularly breakfast. The problem with skipping breakfast is that it increases your odds of obesity. When you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down and puts your body into fat storing mode rather than fat burning mode. And when you skip a meal, you’re more likely to overeat at your next meal. Eating breakfast in the morning is important because it jump starts your metabolism and forces your body to burn calories. For some it is difficult to eat first thing in the morning, which is understandable, but try to eat within 2 hours of waking up, that will get your metabolism going.

    Habit # 5: Eating Too Fast – or even taking big bites can sabotage your waistline. Sit back and take your time to eat your food. Why? Because it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you have had enough to eat. A study conducted by Dutch researchers found that taking big bites and fast chewing can lead to overeating. The study found that those who chewed large bites of food for 3 seconds ate 52% more food before feeling full than those who chewed smaller bites of food for 9 seconds. Another study found that slower eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal compared to fast eaters. Those 66 calories do add up, so slow down and thoroughly enjoy your meal.

    Habit # 6: Watching Too Much TV
    – too much television has been linked to weight gain but it doesn’t have to be. You can still watch your favorite shows, just as long as you do something else as you watch it. Researchers at the University of Vermont found that overweight participants who cut their TV viewing time in half burned an extra 119 calories per day. You do not have cut out watching TV altogether, but you can multitask while you watch. During commercials get up and do some crunches, squats, jumping jacks or pushups. And you don’t have to limit yourself to exercise, tend to some light housework like washing dishes, ironing or folding that last load of clean clothes. Do anything other than just sit for hours at a time watching the tube. Besides, if you keep your hands busy while watching TV, you’re less likely to snack mindlessly.

    Habit # 7: Not Keeping Track
    – of what goes into your mouth or the number on the scale. Keeping a food diary is a great way to track what goes into your mouth because you are more aware and conscious of your eating habits and can make adjustments accordingly. You may reconsider that extra helping of cookies or slice of cake if you know you have to write it down. Also keeping track of your weight by stepping on the scale regularly makes it difficult to cheat your diet and reinforces your weight loss goals.

    Bad habits are hard to break, but if you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy, you should be more aware of what you are doing to aid or hinder in reaching your goals. So start breaking these habits now and incorporate good habits, and those pounds should be melting away soon enough!

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