Healthy is the New Wealthy – Find your Wealth in Health!
  • It’s 2012 and healthy is the new wealthy. Think about it.  Without optimum health, can you or would you be able to enjoy wealth?  The answer is no.  If you are not healthy, then you are most likely struggling with an ailment like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol all of which can lead to heart disease, stroke and even an untimely death.  What good is it to have a large bank account, nice car, and a big house if you don’t even have the energy or ability to enjoy it to the fullest?  In addition, who wants to be condemned to taking medication for the rest of their life?  Take that step and find your wealth in health!

    The two components to living a healthy lifestyle is eating well and being physically active.  You don’t have to workout at a gym for grueling hours to reap the benefits of exercise.  With as little as 30 minutes of physical activity everyday, you are on your way to improving your health and even extending your life span.

    You can easily transform from unhealthy to healthy eating simply by being conscious of what you eat.  Most nutritionists, doctors and health experts would all agree that healthy foods include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, chicken, beans and fish.  Also it is recommended to have a diet low in trans fats, saturated fats, cholesterol and sugar by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  By including more whole foods into your diet as opposed to processed foods, you can ensure that you are eating more healthily.  If you plan and prepare your own meals more often than eating out, then you have total control over what goes into your body.  And let’s face it; it’s your one and only body so why not take control and fuel it properly?

    Everyday you are faced with deciding what to eat – learn to make better choices.  Here are a few simple adjustments you can make to go from unhealthy to healthy:


    * Buy whole wheat or whole grain breads versus white bread


    * Rather than whole milk, switch to any of the following healthier options: 1%, 2%, skim, soy, almond or rice milk.


    * Use olive oil versus butter, margarine or vegetable oil for cooking.


    * Use whole wheat or whole grain pastas instead of white flour pasta.

    Breakfast meats

    * Substitute regular beef or pork sausage and bacon with turkey sausage,

    turkey bacon and/or Canadian bacon.


    * Substitute ranch dip for hummus.


    * Instead of ground beef, buy lean ground turkey or if you want to have beef, choose lean and organic.  Add veggies to your burger like onion, tomato and lettuce.


    * Make your own fries using a sweet potato and bake in oven.

    These small tweaks can make a huge difference in your overall health.  Another thing that is very effective in healthy eating is tracking what you eat.  Studies have shown that those who keep track of what they eat have a higher success rate in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.  There is a wonderful online tool that can help with tracking your foods.  Go to and sign up.  It is completely free and a great resource for health, fitness and nutrition information.

    So there you have it folks, it is not too late to keep your New Year resolution of getting healthy.  Start with these suggestions; track your calories, incorporate some physical activity and you’re on your way to wealth in health.  Come back next week for more tips on living a healthier lifestyle.  Here’s to your good health!

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