Govenor Elect Pat McCrory’s Acceptance Speech-Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Charlotte, NC- North Carolina Voters made history November 6th, 2012 by electing Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory for govenor.
    McCrory becomes the first Republican Governor in 20 years.
    During his term as Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, the city has seen growth and prosperity.
    Pat McCrory started his speech off by saying:

    “I’d like to thank Walter Dalton, our lieutenant governor, for calling tonight.
    I know exactly what he’s going through tonight.
    My heart is with him and his family because I know he worked very, very hard.
    I thank him for his service to our state.
    We’re going to be working very closely with her(Gov. Beverly Perdue) administration to make sure this is as smooth a transition as possible, and I also thank Gov Perdue for her service.
    Most of all, thank you to the people of North Carolina – from the east to the Piedmont to the west.
    I’ve enjoyed building a relationship with you and the relationship continues for at least four years.
    I do want to remind all of you that our goal was not just to become governor and get elected to this great office.
    Our goal was to BE governor, to lead, to lead. And that’s what we plan to do, and we plan to start that work tomorrow.

    There’s a sense of urgency in this state right now that we’ve seen throughout the state.
    People are hurting right now.
    People are worried about their future, and that’s what we’re going to begin working on immediately.”

    Pat McCrory is definitely coming into office with a good record as the former Mayor of Charlotte.
    Listening to his acceptance speech he is ready to go to work.

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    Govenor Elect Pat McCrory becomes the first Republican Govenor in 20 years

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