Georgia Little League Brawl Caught On Tape-Parents Fight


    Columbus, Georgia- When you think of Little League baseball, you think of little kids having fun playing one of America’s favorite sports. Well in Columbus Georgia, what supposed to be a fun day for the kids turned violent after parents get into a fight and it was all caught on tape.

    The fight started when Iram King, 36, asked Charles Davidson, 38, to lower the music he was playing after a Friday night game between the Northern Little League and Harris County All-Stars had just ended at an all-star tournament outside Columbus, Ga. according to the Ledger-Enquirer newspaper.

    Davidson turned down the music, but words were exchanged about the players. Iram King started to walk toward Davidson when he said, “What do you want,” or “Why are you walking over here.”

    A witness said Iram King told Davidson,”I’m here to f… you up.”

    Davidson’s reply was, “Well, here I am,” before police said the men tussled.

    2 Arrests were made for disorderly conduct.

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