Dangers of Sitting Down: Stand Up for your Health
  • Stand Up For Your Health!

    Sitting for prolonged periods of time is literally killing you. It’s true.
    Studies have shown that sitting too long or too much increases your risk of early death.
    In fact, those who sit for 6 or more hours per day increase their risk of death by a whopping 40% and that’s even with exercise.
    That’s right, even if you exercise; you’re not immune to the detrimental effects of eight to ten hours of sitting according to Genevieve Healy, Ph.D., a researcher at the Cancer Prevention Research Center of the University of Queensland in Australia.
    Research has linked sitting too long or “sitting disease” to increased risks of diabetes and death from cancer, heart disease and stroke.
    Yes, you read that correctly, too much sitting down really does cause havoc on your health.
    So we now know that sitting for too long is bad for our health, but how is it bad?
    What happens when you sit for extended periods of time is that your body begins to shut down at the metabolic level per Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri.
    Our bodies naturally have enzymes that break down fat and when we become immobile, those enzymes simply shut off.

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    With the lack of physical activity, your circulation slows down and your burn fewer calories.
    Furthermore, research shows that for every two hours spent sitting per day, your chances of developing diabetes goes up by 7 percent.
    Your risk for heart disease also goes up because the enzymes that keep blood fats at bay become inactive. In addition, you’re more prone to depression because the lack of blood flow keeps the feel good hormones from circulating to your brain.
    With the evolution of the Internet, technological devices and longer days in the office, people are spending more time sitting and less time moving.
    These days almost everything can be done without getting out of your chair.
    And all that sitting has taken a negative toll on our health.
    But the good news is you can reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting by making some easy changes in your sedentary lifestyle.
    The formula is to interrupt sitting time as much as you possibly can.
    For example, stand up while checking emails or taking a phone call.
    If you sit for an hour – that’s too long. Make sure you get up and stretch every 30 minutes or so.
    Rather than sending an email to a co-worker, walk directly to their office.
    Take the stairs instead of an elevator.
    Set up your work station so that you can stand while working.
    Drink a lot of water so that you are taking frequent bathroom breaks.
    You get the picture.
    Just keep in mind that the longer you’re in a chair, the closer you are to various health ailments and even death.
    So get up and get moving for the sake of your health.



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