Advertising with online video production vs Hip Hop NC Radio Station Ads
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    Advertising with online video production vs Hip Hop NC Radio Stations

    Advertising with online video production is more effective than Hip Hop NC radio stations! That’s right we said it and we will show you why.
    Online video production is the most powerful marketing tool on the internet, and has become an essential part of promoting both business to consumer(B2C) and business to business(B2B) branding. Google, which is the #1 Search Engine globally, gives priority to videos when you do a universal search. Youtube, owned by Google, is the world’s largest video site and the 2nd largest search engine globally. Now lets look at the advantages of advertising with online video.

    1. Long Term Benefits

    A radio ad may generate a buzz overtime, but after your budget runs out your business has nothing to show for your money spent. Whereas, online video stays around for the long run. Giving your business, a better opportunity to create brand awareness.

    2. Create Engagement

    Online video differs from radio with its ability to offer sound, sight, and motion to generate emotional responses from the viewer. These qualities allows advertisers to create long, lasting, unforgettable brand and image. The internet, itself, is one of engagement and online video can achieve this in various ways. Most radio and television commercial ads run either 30 sec or 60 sec spots, while online video allows you to actually showcase more in depth of your business product and/or services.
    How can online video production help small and medium sized businesses grow using Social Media?
    Online video on social media sites can help your business in a variety of ways, including:
    -Expand Reach
    -Make Your Website Bigger
    -Builds brand awareness by collecting followers, fans and likes
    -Ability to create online communities of potential customers interested in your business product or services.
    -Possibility of your content to become viral throughout the net via sharing

    3. Growth of online video viewership

    Online video viewership has grown to 50 million viewers in just 2 years. Consumer activity online, watching videos, is 40% and it is expected to rise to 70% by 2015. This growth comes at an enormous rate compared to radio and television.

    4. Ability to reach younger consumers
    Another advantage of online video is the ability to attract younger audiences. It is no surprise that those born after 1980, are more prone to turn to the internet for information rather than radio. Reasoning for this is they are more comfortable with new technology and more familiar with on-demand content. Creating marketing strategies for this age group with online video is essential for businesses.

    5. Effectively hit target market
    Advertising is all about making sure your product hits your target market. Online, there is no other medium that can effectively do this like video. The reason video is so powerful online is because Google, #1 Search Engine, gives priority to videos in its searches. Whether through online press releases, webinars, or blogs (just to name a few), marketing your video content offers endless ways to appeal to your target market.

    Not all online video production companies have the experience to effectively market your online content. In our next article we will discuss what to look for when searching for the right video production company in North Carolina to handle your next project.
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